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I’ve been in love so many times and it turned out that something is NOT real, STILL missing and incomplete that leads to HEARTACHES, PAIN and FAILURE. Then I’ve realized that when you fall in love, you should know to yourself that you are ready to commit and open to all possibilities of pain. You should be RESPONSIBLE to your own love issues. You should know by yourself the REAL you to understand why people act some things towards you. To love yourself I think is the most WORDERFUL thing that will happen to you. I must admit that at this point in my life, I’m still learning to love myself first than opening my HEART again to somebody.

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We fall in love with people, and we fall in love with places and things. But how many of us have fallen in love with ourselves? It’s a weird concept to think about – falling in love with yourself – it seems like something that we shouldn’t need to experience. But I’m starting to think it might be something we all need to do especially as a prerequisite for all our other types of love especially as we get older.

In the first place, what does it mean to “fall in love?” I ask because the concept is confusing to me: Does love really just happen? Don’t get me wrong, the love between two people can seem to be a rather unexplainable occurrence. And I am indeed one of those weird people who think that love at first sight is possible. But beyond the feelings we feel that let us believe that…

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