Define HOT: James Franco, Indeed!

Thought Catalog

A weekend not too long ago, I went to the cinema and took in Harmony Korine’s gorgeous-looking and -sounding joyride of a mainstream-appeal arthouse instant cult classic, Spring Breakers. And it was whilst unexpectedly viewing James Franco, gold-grilled and cornrowed almost past recognition, playfully deepthroating two pistols wielded by his future threesome partners that I realized: “Wow, James Franco, what a scottie too-hottie!” So I researched this, and it turns out, the internet agrees with me. I’ve been watching James Franco interviews constantly for the weeks since, obsessively filling nearly every waking hour in this exaggeration for comic effect watching all of Franco’s many insightful interviews, photoshoots, and zany personal vids from the man himself on YouTube, and I’ve compiled a few of my favorites from the comments sections of these videos, a veritable hotbed of sexual Franco enthusiasm. Dig in.

“James Franco please give me babies.” – YouTube commenter…

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