Thumbs up! I will definitely do this! Preparing myself and my wallet ofcourse! LOL

Thought Catalog

Doing things by yourself can be intimidating and with the wrong attitude, even lonely. But with the right state of mind, it can be challenging in a good way and also very liberating. Whatever type of person you are — social or antisocial, popular or a wallflower, and all the different variations in between, trying things by yourself allows you to get to know that self a little better. Here are 9 things you should try alone:

1. Go to a bar

To some people, going to a bar alone is their version of hell but I promise you it is not as bad as you think it is. Going to a bar alone is a good way to practice getting out of your comfort zone and you’ll probably learn that people don’t always suck. You will also likely meet a few people who were brave enough to fly solo…

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